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We exist to address the issues of social isolation and loneliness through the power of human connection

Social Isolation

The objective state of being disconnected from or having few ties with other people. Social isolation can be measured by considering the social network size of an individual and the frequency of interactions with members of one’s social network.


The subjective distressing feeling associated with a deficiency in the quantity or quality of social and emotional relationships. People’s experiences of loneliness may be transient (last only a short time) or chronic (last a long time).

Here’s How to Join Us

Step 1:

Watch the Video

Step 2:

Take the pledge and reach out and connect for your own health or the health of someone you know

Step 3:

Consider making a donation to support the Global Human Connection Movement, so we can continue to educate people of all ages, about the benefits of human connection and catalyze them to take action. You can make a donation here.

Step 4:

Let others know you’re a generator of human connections by purchasing some GenWell Project merchandise and begin your journey as a Human Connection Catalyst.

Step 5:

Make plans to get connected on the next GenWell Weekend and be part of the Human Connection Movement across Canada and around the world. Stay tuned for the date of our next weekend!

Join the Genwell Project Movement

If you wish to be part of our community, and work together to make the world a happier and healthier place, please leave us your contact information, so we can stay connected and invite you to our upcoming events, speakers, initiatives and more. We thank you for getting involved, so we can all be part of a more connected world in which we all have the opportunity to thrive.

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