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Dr. Nancy MacKay Ph.D.

Founder & Board Member, MacKay CEO Forums

Dr. Nancy MacKay is the founder and a board member of MacKay CEO Forums, the highest impact and least time intensive peer group for over 1200 CEOs, Executives and business owners around the world. With a dream to populate the world with inspiring leaders, she founded MacKay CEO Forums in 2005, after seeing firsthand the tremendous value of having CEOs come together to learn from each other, and to help each other deal with their toughest issues and challenges. Over 60 Forum Chairs, who are all very successful trusted advisors, facilitate over 100 peer learning groups, involving over 700 meetings and retreats each year. Nancy is a CEO coach, Forum Chair, dynamic keynote speaker, published author and a former university professor. She is the host of the weekly MacKay CEO Forums EDGE events with thousands of CEO, Executive and Business Owner participants from around the world. Nancy holds a B.Math and a Masters degree in Management Sciences from the University of Waterloo, as well as a Ph.D in Business from Canterbury University in New Zealand. She is the co-author with Alan Weiss of “The Talent Advantage” by Wiley Publishing.

Nancy lives in BC, Canada. She loves to play squash and enjoys travelling the world with her family. Nancy is on the board of Blueprint (the Men’s Initiative), which is a catalyst in the conversation of men in the world to help men be a force for equity, compassion, and sustainability.