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The GenWell Project delivers professional services to support workplaces across North America. The GenWell Workplace Social Health Framework is a sustainable corporate program that educates, empowers and catalyzes employees around the importance of human connection for their health, happiness, longevity and business success.
We have never been educated on the importance of social health for our well-being or it’s impact on our workplace or business. As we exit the global pandemic, educating your team, your leadership and your organization on the power of human connection is the first step to future success.
Benefits of the program include:
  • improved health and happiness for employees
  • greater collaboration and enhanced creativity
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • improved trust, loyalty, engagement, and retention
  • a greater sense of empathy, compassion and inclusion between employees
  • a psychologically safer workplace resulting in improvements in productivity and profitability
  • reduced health care costs
Building culture - Genwell

Here’s what people are saying about our workshops:

Pete’s presentation was excellent and timely. The focus on social health and the effects the pandemic has had on our mental and physical health, cannot be overstated.

Jud Simpson
Executive Chef, House of Commons

Pete was a key speaker at our SCHC palliative care conference this past March 2023. Like the famous quote from the movie ‘Jerry McGuire’ Pete “had us at hello”. From the moment he walked on the stage to the moment he walked off (we didn’t want him to leave) he told the story of human connection and how desperately that is needed for us all – the human race – to survive. He spoke to a riveted audience of palliative care practitioners and volunteers who understand what connectedness means to someone living with a life threatening illness. This is the most precious gift a dying person can give and receive. But what was tangible in the room that day – the first in-person conference since the pandemic started – was the Oprah “ah ha” moment we had when we realized we all need connectedness – not just our clients and families. Pete left us with a strong call to action to connect with others – strangers or someone we hadn’t connected with in ages. That moment of connection could make a huge difference in someone’s life. Thank-you Pete for sharing your message and your gift!
If you haven’t booked Pete to speak at your event do it now! You won’t regret it!

Lynn Muir-Wheeler, Director – Community Health Teams at Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

Pete’s presentation deeply impacted me and others at our National Team Meeting! Two plus years of the global pandemic, working from home and ever-increasing workloads have deeply impacted our social health. The important connection our social health has on our physical and mental health cannot be overstated. Pete approached the topic with research that I think was shocking for most. However, the realization of how simple it can be, if we make the effort, to boast our own and others social health was encouraging! I highly recommend Pete’s message; it is timeless and important if we are to thrive!

David Lawrence – Sales Director – Industrial Sectors at Shell Canada Products Limited

Workplace Workshop Partners

Wondering if your organization need to focus on building a more connected workplace? Here are a few questions to ask yourself …

  •  Has employee turnover has increased during the global pandemic: Y/N?
  • Are your employees are having difficulties managing the complexities of working from home: Y/N?
  • Does your management team feel over worked and stressed: Y/N?
  • Are you are unclear on how to best build employee support and enthusiasm for a return to office: Y/N?
  • Have your employees have expressed increased levels of stress and anxiety: Y/N?
  • Are you are having difficulty to attracting new talent to your organization: Y/N?

If you answered Yes to two or more of these statements, your organization may have a significant ‘human connection’ opportunity to improve your employees health, happiness and productivity.