Corporate Workshops:

The GenWell Project, as part of it’s effort to build a sustainable movement that helps educate Canadians about the importance of human connection to their health, happiness and longevity, proudly offers keynote and workshop programs for businesses across Canada. Our founder, Pete Bombaci, facilitates these conversations and workshops, that help business leaders recognize the importance of human connection at work, at home and in the community. Whether the benefit is health and happiness for every employee, greater connection for the communities where we work, or for the benefit of the business, through greater collaboration, trust, loyalty, engagement, retention, productivity, profitability and more, human connection is at the root of our lives and The GenWelll Project wants to ensure that everyone understands the facts, so we can all make social health a more intentional part of our daily lives.

Here’s what people are saying about our workshops:

“Pete’s presentation about the importance of staying connected was exactly what our team needed during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. I believe everyone can benefit from this message right now, whether you are a big business, small business or an individual.”
– UpField North America.
“We had Pete virtually speak to our members and he was fantastic. What he spoke about is so important at the best of times and even more relevant in today’s world. His message is one that should be heard by everyone and put into practice.”
– Andrew Flint – Executive Director – Liberty Village BIA
“I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was not in a good mood when this call started, but after listening to you and the message of The GenWell Project, I feel so much better. Thank you.”
– Sylvia Miskus – Executive Assistant and Benefits Coordinator – Medline Canada
“In these unprecedented times we’re living in with COVID-19, Pete’s message is all the more important. Pete is one of those people who instantly connects with others – his optimism is amazing, contagious and is so appreciated.”
– Robin Fowler – Vice President, Philanthropy, Strategy & Campaigns – St. Mike’s Hospital Foundation

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