What is a GenWell Weekend?

GenWell Weekends are catalytic occasions that give people an excuse and permission to reach out to others, because we are all in this together and when we have a reason to reach out to others, it makes it easier to do so.

Originally inspired by the connections made during a blackout in 2003 that affected 50M people on the Eastern seaboard of North America, GenWell Weekends are intended to give all of us the excuse to get connected, without the need for a crisis. When we come together to connect and celebrate human connection, not only is it fun, but it builds happier and healthier people, whether at school, at the office, in your home or in your community.  

By rallying Canadians and citizens around the world together, around an occasion, a timeline, and a common action, it allows everyone to participate. By focusing the weekend on a positive lens of human connection, we can remove the stigma of a cause, illness or crisis and focus on coming together for the health, happiness, longevity and success of all. Let’s not wait for the next crisis, but use GenWell Weekend as the excuse to reach out to those we have been meaning to see, but just hadn’t had the opportunity to make it happen.

Register Your Intention to Get Connected

Check back in early 2022, when we will open the registration for the next GenWell Weekend, May 6, 7, 8. We thank you for playing your part in stepping up and getting connected as part of the solution to the disconnected world that we find ourselves in today

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