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Here we go again!

The GenWell Project is excited to launch the 2022 Canadian Social Connection Survey, which aims to understand the social health and wellbeing of people across Canada. This study comes at an important time, as we come together at the end of lockdowns and work to build a happier and healthier and more connected society, as we exit the global pandemic.

About the Canadian Social Connection Survey

The Canadian Social Connection Survey is a serial cross-sectional survey that aims to study the social health and wellbeing of Canadians. The study is supported by The GenWell Project and administered by researchers with the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

Help us get started!

In preparation for the survey’s launch, we want to hear from YOU! More specifically, we want to ensure our research is relevant to you, your family, your workplace, your street, your community, and to the leaders of our country who need to better understand the importance of human connection to our health, happiness and well-being for all. Help us out by sharing the questions you would like to see answered about the social health and wellbeing of Canadians!

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