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Browse Our Photos and Videos from Previous Genwell Weekends.

Past Launch and Wrap Videos

Since 2015 we have been activating around GenWell Weekends each spring and fall and here are a few of the wrap videos that we have created to capture the fun, the people and the impact of the gatherings that GenWell Project hosts have created by getting people connected.

We hope you will be inspired to be part of the Human Connection Movement and register your intention to get people connected on the next GenWell Weekend!

Building culture - Genwell

Spring 2019 GenWell Weekend Launch Video

Fall 2018 GenWell Weekend Launch Video

Fall 2018 GenWell Weekend Wrap Video

Spring 2018 GenWell Weekend Launch Video

Fall 2018 GenWell Weekend Wrap Video

Fall 2017 GenWell Weekend Launch Video

Fall 2017 GenWell Weekend Wrap Video

Spring 2017 GenWell Weekend Wrap Video

Inaugural GenWell Weekend Launch Video – Fall

Inaugural kick off party of The GenWell Project

GenWell Host Videos

GenWell Weekends are catalytic moments that we activate around, in the spring and fall, when we want to give Canadians the permission and excuse to reach out and get connected. These weekends are strategically selected to inspire connection at a time when, for many reasons, people need human connection. Whether it is for your own health and happiness or that of someone else, we know  that amazing things happen when we get connected face-to-face. Check out the stories below for a few stories from past GenWell Weekends. 

Meet Cathy and hear what GenWell Weekend did for her and her community

Meet Shelli and hear what happened after her GenWell Weekend

Meet Sarina’s and hear what she is planning for GenWell Weekend

Meet Ryan and Alex and hear their story about their social connections

Meet our founder as he tells us what GenWell Weekend is all about

Meet Aimee and hear what GenWell Weekend did for her family

Meet Aimee as she gets interviewed by CBC news

Meet Kathy and hear how she built connections at her office

Meet Greg and Chris and hear what GenWell Weekend has meant to their family

Meet Dr. Kwame McKenzie and see what he believes GenWell Weekends can provide for Canadians 

Meet Massimo Bruno and hear what connecting over food can do to bring people together 

Genwell Photo Album

Since 2016, The GenWell Project has been identifying two weekends each year, on which we want to inspire Canadians, and people around the world, to get connected face-to-face with others. These weekends have been chosen to give people an excuse to reach out to others and catalyze  around the importance of human connection to their health, happiness and longevity. When we rally everyone to participate at the same time, it makes it easier for people to reach out and support the movement and each other.

Although we have had to put our GenWell Weekends on hold as a result of the global pandemic, we look forward to getting back to the human interactions that we need more than ever before.

Here are just a sampling of the photos from GenWell Projects that have been hosted over previous years.

And many, many more photos of people getting connected on GenWell Weekend!