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With constant media saturation, and access to information at the tip of our fingers, we’re continually bombarded everyday. Research has shown a spike in depressive behaviour being linked to spending “excessive amounts of time” consuming the news and engaging on social media. It’s important to develop healthy boundaries on how much news we consume, and spend additional free time developing new skills, hobbies or interests that we hope to pursue.

Here are a series of articles, videos and other content that we have selected to highlight the ongoing struggle of social isolation, loneliness and disconnection that is amplified by anxiety from the 24 hour news media. 

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Understanding social isolation, disconnection and loneliness as a result of the 24 Hours News Media

  • Ongoing Covid-19 news increases anxiety, uncertainty and worry — all of which may be affecting your mental health (link
  • Giving up the news can be challenging when we’ve become addicted (link)
  • Be aware of sensational headlines that keep you consuming (link)

Helpful suggestions

  • Take a break from the news, log off, and look at pursuing new hobbies or interests (link)
  • Try restricting your social media and news to certain times during the day (link)
  • How to stay informed without feeling overwhelmed? Find two reputable sources and engaged with them during specific times (link)