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Apartment/Condo Living

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If you live in an apartment or condo, there’s a good chance that you may not know your neighbours. With different schedules, and constant comings and goings, and transient living, it can be challenging to have connections and foster those important relationships.

Here are a series of articles, videos and other content that we have selected to help you better understand the issue of social isolation, disconnection and loneliness for people living in condos and apartment buildings. If you have suggestions on other content that you think others would benefit from, please feel free to reach out to us at

Understanding social isolation, disconnection and loneliness while living in an Apartment or Condo

Getting to know your neighbours may require a bit of planning to help build community (link)

A recent study found that “people who live in buildings of more than five storeys reported significantly greater difficulty making friends, feeling less welcome in their neighbourhood and tending to avoid interaction with strangers more than in other building types, like detached homes and townhouses.” (link)

Helpful Suggestions

Find a local park or community space nearby that you can use to meet your closest neighbours (link)Champion City planners that prioritise making cities liveable with well-sized and priced places to live, and creating connected spaces for people to gather (link)