The GenWell project in collaboration with Centennial College has inspired me to move one step
ahead and connect with my grandmother who is in India. It has been a very long time since I
connected with her. She’s 60 but acts like sweet 16 and that is what makes her stand out.
When I called her up, our chat went on for an hour and her face brightened up. She had so much
to talk about – the lockdown, her faith in God and all the new dishes she has been trying out.

The lockdown in India has been extended which grieves her but she feels boosted when she
gets to spend this time being productive at home. She fasted a 100 days for patients who are
tested positive. Her son in law aka my father has tested positive so she began to boost my
spirits up. Isn’t it what grandparents tend to do? She misses going out and blending in with
co-passengers or just striking a conversation with someone in the check out zones in malls. “I sit
on the swing in the park only because I am young at heart.” as quoted by my beloved grandma.
Making friends and bringing a curvy smile on other faces helps her make a difference in this

However, I have been engaged with The GenWell Project since the last couple of months and I
did not realise how insightful and powerful a connection was until I made time for my
grandma. We can bring a smile to someone else’s face by stepping out of our busy schedules
and making a difference. #GenConnect is powerful and has impacted my life in a way I could not
possibly imagine. My grandmother said “ you made my day by calling me”, and that is
something that helped me regain the bond with my grandma. Thank you GenWell for the
information and the motivation to reach out and be part of making then world a happier, healthier place, one conversation at a time.