My name is Laurie Hall. I teach the Storyworks class at Centennial College and when the students asked if I had a #GENCONNECT story to share, I thought of my mom, Nancy who is 86. On March 10, mom and her wheelchair-bound partner Mike moved from a heritage home to a new condo outside the city. Then COVID-19 happened and due to their ages, and Mike being immuno-compromised, we were very concerned they followed all the precautions. Mom and Mike are usually very active in their community. They both attend talks and classes at the local community centre. Mike scoots to Tim Horton’s every morning and talks hockey with his buddies. So this quarantine was a real challenge for them, both mentally and physically. 

I called mom last week to check in on her. “Well it is still really hard. Some days I feel like I’m in a fog – similar to how I felt after your dad passed away,” said Nancy. “As each week passes I start to feel somewhat more normal. I even went to my girlfriend’s backyard and played bridge last week. We all brought our own snacks and water, wore gloves and masks and had a few laughs. It was great to get together with the girls.” 

After an hour of catching up, giving her updates on all her eight grandchildren (three of whom live in Buffalo with my sister and brother-in-law), I could hear mom smiling through the phone; our one-hour chat certainly cheered her up. Thanks to my students and The GenWell Project for inspiring everyone to reach out and connect with a senior in their life. It’s amazing what a difference one hour can make!