Covid -19 update – We believe that each of us has the power to make a difference in the lives of others during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our suggestion is to use The GenWell Project as your catalyst to reach out, virtually, to those who might benefit from your outreach. A simple conversation can make a huge difference in the life of someone who is isolated and disconnected during this time and make a difference in your life as well. Reaching out and offering your time and energy to an organization that is helping others is also a great way to feel more connected and have greater purpose at a time when many are struggling with the challenges of the pandemic.

Hey there, we are so thrilled that you clicked through to our Connect with Purpose page. The GenWell Project is a Human Connection Movement that first and foremost, wants to help people get connected face-to-face with others and experience the fun and health benefits of doing so. For some people a BBQ, a walk with friends or family or maybe a street long activity of some sort is exactly what is needed, but for some others they need more. They see the opportunity that we have each and every day to make a difference and they see the power in bringing people together to do good. It might be in your neighbourhood, it might be at a local community center or seniors or homeless shelter, or it could be in support of one of the many community partners that have joined on to support the Human Connection Movement. While doing good you are getting connected with other like minded people that may become part of your community and you are making a difference in the lives of others and there is no better feeling in the world.

A big thank you to our community partners for their suggestions on how those who are getting together face to face can make the world a better place at the same time.


Bike pool

Consider dusting off your bikes, grab a few friends, neighbours or coworkers and go for a ride to work, school or on a nearby bike trail or park. Commuting by bike is great for your health
and helps improve local air quality and you can do it all GenWell Weekend long!

Tree planting

On GenWell Weekend, organize a tree planting event in your neighbourhood or your front-yard with friends, family and neighbours. Many municipalities and local environmental organizations can supply you with trees and tips for a community planting event.

Litter cleanup

Why not get your group together and do some good while you are at it! Grab some gloves, garbage bags and a few friends to pick up litter at a local park, beach or greenspace.

Local food waste-less potluck

Host a local, in-season potluck for your friends, coworkers or neighbours. To further reduce the environmental impact of your potluck use local, in-season ingredients, cook more plant-
based meals; and use reusable utensils and plates instead of plastic ones.

Clothing swap

Gather a few friends and donate or swap some lightly-used outfits to refresh your wardrobe and support others. It also keeps those clothes out of the landfill and benefits the environment.

Beeswax wrap craft party

Make some reusable beeswax wrap with your family or friends. Using reusable wrap for your lunches and snacks is a crafty and fun way to reduce waste. Click of more information.


Volunteer your time at a seniors home

Reach out to your local seniors home and see if there is an opportunity to come in and connect with the residents. Maybe a game of cards, some entertainment, read some books or just doing some running around.

Go have a coffee with your elderly neighbour

The GenWell Project is the perfect excuse to reach out to your neighbour and get connected face-to-face. Maybe a coffee, a trip to the store or some homemade cookies. Whatever it is, make the effort and make someone’s life happier and healthier.

Invite someone with reduced mobility over for a BBQ

Know someone with reduced mobility? How about getting a few peeps together and helping that person make their way over to a neighbourhood or family BBQ or potluck. Truly inspiring.

Offer your time to make, serve or deliver meals to those in need

Maybe your group could do some delivery for Meals On Wheels or another organization to help connect with the elderly. Start with the good, finish with the incredible feelings and stories of the people you met and nothing will create a better connection between you and those who you served.


Get a group of people together to refurbish a sports field or community center

Make the GenWell Project and GenWell Weekend your excuse to gather the local community together to fix up a baseball diamond, put lines on a field or clean up a community centre. Refurbishing places of great connection will drive impact for days, weeks and months to come.

Reach out to your local service club to see if they have a project that they would like your help with?

For many of us, the giving of time may have more meaning and more impact than ever giving money. If someone else has a project, how about reaching out and lending a hand.

Invite a New Canadian over for a meal

Know someone in your neighbourhood or building that is new to your city? How about making The GenWell Project the excuse to reach out and invite them over for a meal? Amazing things happen when people come together face-to-face.


Walking School Bus

On the Friday of GenWell Weekend how about getting outside and walking with your kids and
neighbours to school. Walking is a clean and green way to get around and help the

Lead a sporting activity for your neighbourhood kids

GenWell Weekends are the perfect time for adults to model the behaviors that they would like to see in their kids. Put down the technology, step off the treadmill and arrange a sporting activity for all the kids in the school, on the street or in the neighbourhood.

Volunteer your local Boys and Girls club

Within each of our communities there are opportunities to support young people who want to get connected through sport, the arts and through other activities. How about reaching out and seeing how you might be able to lend a hand to your local Boys and Girls club or other community organization.

Organize games and activities for children in hospitals

Anyone know how to be a clown? Maybe Darth Vader? Batman? Superman or any other superhero? Maybe you are a 4 in a Row expert? How about a Beyblade battle expert? Whatever you are, maybe you could reach out to a local hospital, community centre, day care or other facility and offer to go in and spend some time connecting with kids.


Volunteer at the Daily Bread Food bank.

Grab your team and go work a shift at your local food bank. A great way to get connected while making a difference in the lives of the people who need it most. Click of more information.

Do a Habitat for Humanity Build

Grab some friends or maybe the team at the office and get connected while helping build someone’s future home. Shelter is one of life’s most fundamental needs and we are sure the connections you make while doing good will last a lifetime. Click of more information.

Serve meals at a homeless shelter

Serving meals at a homeless shelter with family, friends or maybe even your work colleagues can be a great way to help others, build stronger connections and build a greater appreciation for the good fortune you have in your life.


Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Love pets? I am sure there are a few great pets who would love the opportunity to get out for a walk with some amazing human beings. The connections that we make with animals can have tremendous health benefits to all.