Whether you work in an office or own your own business, The GenWell Project wants to inspire you to get connected face to face with colleagues, co-workers and team mates. Getting employees more connected has many benefits for the employee and for the business as well. From improved health, to less stress and greater happiness, to improved productivity, greater retention and increased collaboration. There really is nothing to hold you back! Don’t forget to include your remote workers, partners and suppliers as well! During the Covid-19 outbreak, use The GenWell Project as your catalyst to get the team connected virtually for a coffee, a lunch or a few games. We all benefit from staying connected.

Join us for the next GenWell Weekend by hosting a virtual GenWell Project for your team on Friday May 1st, 2020

Ideas to get connected with your employees:

If you want more information about the benefits and how it all works, please click the image below to download this one pager and it will provide you all you need to know!

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