During Covid-19 The GenWell Project wants you to think about the Just One More person that you could reach out to each day of the Covid-19 pandemic and make a difference in their life…and yours. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected.


Whether it is family, friends, neighbours, power up your community by hosting your own GenWell Project. Make a few calls, send an email or knock on a few doors – whatever it takes to get people connecting face to face. We thought we would share a few suggestions just to get your mind started on what you can do to host your own GenWell Project. Don’t forget, size doesn’t matter and this should be fun! Start small and let the energy of those who join you inspire bigger events in the future!

  • Coffee with a neighbour
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Front yard BBQ
  • Catch the game.
  • Wine and Cheese
  • Corn Roast
  • Street party
  • Street potluck
  • Front porch chat
  • Picnic in the park
  • Euchre/Poker/Card tourney
  • Board game competition
  • Photo album/slideshow


GenWell Projects are as much for kids and maybe even more important! Modelling good behaviors for kids today and explaining why face to face social connections are so important is an important part of being a parent. Have the kids power down and power up the fun with family, friends or neighbours. Let’s get kids generating their own experiences instead of watching everyone else on social media. Getting kids active is a great way to get them to put the technology down and be in the moment.


With increasing density being a growing issue for cities around the world, hosting your own GenWell Project in condos and apartment buildings can be a great way to build new connections with neighbours and new friends. Remember, you don’t need to tackle the whole building at once. Start with your neighbour or maybe those on your floor. The rest is gravy! Now you can wake up looking forward to the walk to the elevator each morning! Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Coffee with a neighbour
  • Hallway dinner
  • Party room lunch or dinner
  • Card night/board game
  • Dinner course tour from apartment to apartment
  • Rooftop soiree at night
  • Lobby social
  • Morning walk or hike
  • Wine and cheese
  • Owner/tenant speaker series
  • Potluck
  • Dog walk group
  • Coffee chat hour


Whether you work in an office or own your own business, the GenWell Project wants to inspire you to get connected face to face with colleagues, co-workers or team mates. Getting employees more connected has many benefits for the employee and for the business as well. Don’t forget to invite in your remote workers, as well as partners and suppliers. Building those relationships will be a benefit to everyone!

  • Pizza  lunch
  • BBQ  Lunch
  • Reunion  Event
  • End  of day  eats and  treats
  • Sporting  activity
  • Pub  night
  • Mini  Fun Olympics
  • Board  Game Competition
  • Karaoke/Live  Karaoke


On GenWell Weekends and throughout the school year The GenWell Project wants to be the catalyst that inspires students to reach out to one another and get connected. Getting an education is no easy feat and having friends and classmates to support you along the way can make a world of a difference! Maybe the next GenWell Weekend is the perfect excuse to invite the classmates that you have been meaning to see to one of the activities that we have suggested below! Even better, get started today and use GenWell Weekend to bring new friends and classmates together!

  • Work with a on campus club to host a gathering around their specific passion.
  • Get together with your classmates to watch the big game!
  • Gather with friends and catch a movie.
  • Picnic in a park with your whole class.
  • Visit a local restaurant with your classmates.
  • Make plans to volunteer for a local charity on campus or off.
  • Make the effort to sit beside someone you have never met in class this week.
  • Start a study chat / Facebook group for your class
  • A great chat at a local coffee shop with friends
  • Host a GenWell Project in one of the campus bars