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Dr. Heather Palmer

Head of Dementia Support Services, elovee

Heather has more than 35 years of scientific and clinical experience in brain-behaviour relationships. She obtained her doctorate from the University of New South Wales, Australia and carried out a postdoctoral fellowship in neurocognitive rehabilitation at Toronto’s Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest. Heather spent three years as the Research Director for the Alzheimer Society of Canada. After developing and implementing evidence-based research relating to cognitive rehabilitation, she became the Director of Cognitive Rehabilitation for Maximum Capacity, where she currently sits as President and CEO. Additionally, over the past 7 years Heather has worked in seniors living as the National Director of Cognitive Well-Being and Cognitive Well-Being Advisor to Amica Senior Lifestyles. During her years with Amica, Heather acted as the dementia subject matter expert with Boston Consulting Group – Digital Ventures and Koru (division of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan) on an innovative, tech- enabled dementia support platform called elovee. Currently, Heather is the Head of Dementia Support Services at elovee. Heather has been published in scientific journals and spoken internationally on the topics of cancer-related brain fog, dementia, cognitive rehabilitation and seniors’ brain health. Heather has been featured on television and radio as a leading expert in these fields and in 2014 was inducted into the Havergal College Hall of Distinction for her work supporting the aging population. As a proud mother of three, she aspires to foster multi-generational understanding about how seniors, in particular those living with dementia, can live their best lives.