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Thank you for coming to The GenWell Project to find out more about the many things that can contribute to an increasing sense of disconnection, isolation and loneliness that is permeating society.

Our goal with this section of our website is to give anyone looking to better understand the issues, or the role that human connection can play to counteract many of the negative repercussions of a lack of belonging, the information and ideas so they can take steps to solve for the issue in their own lives or be part of the solution in the lives of others.

Below you will see the three ways in which we have grouped the various ways in which people have segmented the issue and solutions, to make it easy for people to find their situation and the potential solutions to their needs. If you believe that we have missed a segment or issue that we can add to the list, please reach out and let us know. This document will be updated regularly to ensure we are providing the latest and greatest info that can help people, as we rebuild a connected Canada and world.