This GenWell Weekend, make your pledge to get connected with one more person that you’ve been meaning to 

The next GenWell Weekend is May 2 and 3 and people are encouraged to connect with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to make the world a happier and healthier place 

TORONTO –The past few weeks have served as a stark reminder for many of us about the importance of human connection in our lives. The global pandemic has taken away chats at the office water cooler with colleagues, grabbing coffee with a friend or having neighbors over for dinner.Simple things that were, until recently, so easily taken for granted. The GenWell Project, the Human Connection Movement, wants to remind us all to stay connected virtually and think about the impact we can have on others with its Just One More campaign.

Held twice a year, GenWell Weekends serve as a catalyst that encourages people to connect with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues, face-to-face. Just One More is the theme for the upcoming GenWell Weekend on May 2 and 3, where we will encourage people to think of one extra person, group or team that they can reach out to, virtually, that would benefit from the connection.

“When we founded The GenWell Project four years ago, we did so with the simple goal of encouraging people to form ongoing connection habits to help make the world a happier and healthier place, while reminding everyone about the importance of face-to-face social connection,” said Pete Bombaci, founder of The GenWell Project. “While the COVID-19 pandemic has limited our ability to connect with one another, face-to-face and in-person, it has also presented all of us with an opportunity. It has reminded us of the importance of human connection and unexpectedly provided people with the permission, excuse and purpose to reach out to people virtually, whom we may have been hesitant to reach out to before.”

*** Pete Bombaci, founder of The GenWell Project is an expert on the subjects of human connection and the dangers of social isolation and loneliness. He is available for live or
recorded interviews and comments. ***

Face-to-face human connection is one of the best things a person can do for their mental and physical health, as it has been proven to help reduce anxiety and depression, strengthen the immune system, can make you live longer and is one of the largest indicators of happiness in your life. People have an inherent need to connect, but in these challenging times it is also important to realize the opportunity to supplement our human interactions through virtual technology. The newfound lack of human connection has led to an increase in the use of video conferencing and videotelephony services and platforms both professionally and personally – reinforcing that whether it is in-person or virtual, people are drawn to face-to-face connection.

With people more open to virtual connection and feeling more empowered to do so, this GenWell Weekend will be unlike any of the previous eight, as we are encouraging participants to pledge to get connected virtually. So instead of planning an in-person BBQ with friends, coffee with a colleague, boardgames with family or afternoon social with the neighbours, make plans to do these virtually! Some other tips to make your GenWell Weekend a success include:

Together we can make the world a happier and healthier place one virtual conversation at a time. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay connected. 

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