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New Canadian, Newcomers, and Refugees

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Understanding social isolation, disconnection and loneliness in newcomers to Canada

  • Understanding loneliness amongst new immigrants (link)
  • The Covid-19 pandemic amplified social isolation for newcomers (link)
  • How Migration Status Shapes Susceptibility of Individuals’ Loneliness to Social Isolation (Link)
  • Social isolation of seniors: A Focus on New Immigrant and Refugee Seniors in Canada (Link)
  • Self-reported loneliness among recent immigrants, long-term immigrants, and Canadian-born individuals (Link)
  • Alone in Canada (Link)
  • Loneliness, age at immigration, family relationships, and depression among older immigrants: A moderated relationship (Link)
  • Social Isolation of Seniors – A focus on New Immigrant and Refugee Seniors in Canada (Link)

Helpful suggestions

  • Emphasize non-work initiatives such as sports, art, crafts, cooking etc. (link)
  • Befriending and supporting relationships (link)
  • Beyond Work: Reducing Social Isolation for Refugee Women and Other Marginalized Newcomers (Link)
  • Tools and examples for ideas exchanges events for social isolation of new immigrant and refugee seniors (Link)