As we head into 2020, we at The GenWell Project are excited to be part of the conversation that raises people’s consciousness about the importance of human connection to our health and happiness, and more importantly, get us all to take action. 

In listening to the spate of decade-ending reviews, it became apparent that the last 10 years have filled our lives with more pressure, a faster pace and more distraction. Much of that has been brought on by the advent of enveloping technology and applications, but longer commutes, longer workdays, increasing financial pressures, unemployment, the changing structures of work and more, have also played a part in the change. Truly, death by a thousand cuts that have led to a more disconnected society and the negative effects that come with it.  

One of the antidotes to this troubling trend is spending more time with the people around us and building the relationships that will support us through the ups and downs that we all face over the course of a lifetime.  Most of us were never educated on the benefits of human connection in our lives, so maybe it’s not a surprise that many of us have not fought to maintain it as a priority. We are all better off with more human connection in our lives and The GenWell Project wants to help you make that happen for your health and happiness or for the benefit of those you connect with.    

In the three years since the launch of the Human Connection Movement known as The GenWell Project, we have inspired over 2,000 people to host GenWell Projects with more than 30,000 people being invited to attend those events. The feedback and stories that we have heard coming out of those events have truly inspired us. Comments such as…

As we head into the next decade, we need YOUR help to make this the human connection decade

As a political or community leader, The GenWell Project provides you a zero-cost opportunity to share an important message with the people in your community. Those who participate in the movement get all the benefits that come with spending more time with others and the relationships that come from it. 

For teachers, we are a catalyst for a conversation about the importance of human connection – a topic that many generations before us were unfortunately never educated on and we are awakening to the impact that this disconnected world is having on our youth. We have an opportunity to start today for the health of our youth and our future. 

For businesses, join the human connection movement by engaging your employees for the benefits to your business and culture, but more importantly, so your employees can be happier and healthier when they carry this important message back to their homes, their streets and in the communities.  Your organization’s play a critical role in sharing this important message with the largest segment of the population that can step up and make a difference each and every day. 

Foundation and philanthropists, you can play a critical role in creating the sustainability of this movement as it makes its way into the mainstream of our society. We don’t raise funds the traditional way and our message is new and unique. However, our impact on those who have participated thus far has been inspiring and the future only comes with greater impact.

Here’s to 2020 and the rest of the decade becoming the Human Connection Decade! The decade when people come together and make the whole world a happier and healthier place one face-to-face conversation at a time. 

We hope that each of you who have read this post realizes that we all have a role to play in generating greater human connection and the health and happiness that results. Whether for your health or for the health of someone you know, the simple act of reaching out to someone can have a greater impact than you will ever know. A coffee, a lunch, a beer, a BBQ, a walk or much more. At the office, at home, on the street or in the community. Every action becomes part of the Human Connection Movement and together we can make the world a happier and healthier place one face to face conversation at a time. 

Stay connected,
The GenWell Project