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On-Demand Television

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With endless streaming options, it can be challenging to step away from on-demand television that is available 24-7. Studies show that binging TV series or movies, especially on one’s own, can lead to increased levels of social isolation, disconnection and loneliness. The links below indicate the importance of being aware of your watching, and trying to incorporate others into your viewing as well.

Here are a series of articles and other content that we have selected to highlight the ongoing struggle of social isolation, loneliness and disconnection that is amplified by on-demand television.

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Understanding social isolation, disconnection and loneliness when watching On-Demand television

  • Binge-watching TV can be linked to higher occurrences of isolation and loneliness (link)
  • Over-watching TV can not only affect you socially but it can also affect your sleep (link)
  • Binge watching has become quite prominent due to instant gratification (link)

Helpful suggestions

  • Try to spread out consumption over the week rather than chunks at a time (link)
  • Turn off auto-play on your devices (link)
  • Use on-demand tv to make it a social activity (link)
  • Allow yourself a specific amount a viewing time and stick to it (link)