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People Living on Low Income

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Understanding social isolation, disconnection and loneliness in people living on low income

  • All About Loneliness: What Causes It, How to Cope With It, and When to Get Help (Link)
  • Low Income or Seniors in Poverty (Link)
  • The micro-macro interplay of economic factors in late-life loneliness: Evidence from Europe and China (Link)
  • Poverty, isolation, and opportunity (Link)
  • Income inequality and its relationship with loneliness prevalence: A cross-sectional study among older adults in the US and 16 European countries (Link)
  • Social isolation, loneliness, socioeconomic status, and health-risk behaviour in deprived neighbourhoods in Denmark: A cross-sectional study (Link)
  • Subjective social isolation or loneliness in older adults residing in social housing in Ontario: a cross-sectional study (Link)
  • Loneliness should be recognised as a signal of poverty in today’s Britain (Link)
  • Poorest twice as likely to feel lonely in lockdown compared to richest (Link)