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Canadian Social Connection Guidelines

Canadian Social Connection Guidelines

The GenWell Project is proud to be partnering with the Institute for Social Connection, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and a wide range of community-based organizations and universities across Canada and around the world to develop the social connection guidelines for Canadians. These guidelines, which will be the first of their kind developed globally, will raise awareness regarding the importance of social connection as a key determinant of health and well-being.

These guidelines have been part of the vision of The GenWell Project since it’s launch in 2016, recognizing that Canadians have been educated on the importance of exercise since 1971, the importance of healthy eating since 1942 and many other initiative around smoking cessation and healthy mental health practices for the last decade and longer.

We are thrilled to be developing these guidelines so that Canadians recognize the importance of their social health as the third pillar in proactive wellbeing and its role as a key social determinant of health.

You can read more about the process to get to the Canadian Social Connection Guidelines on our partner page here –