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In 2016, founder Pete Bombaci launched The GenWell Project. The mission was to build a sustainable movement that helps educate, empower, and catalyze Canadians around the importance of human connection as a proactive step that we can all take for our health, happiness, longevity and the betterment of society as a whole.

Workplaces, especially following the global pandemic, are in need of building greater human connection with and between their teams. Whether for the health and wellness benefits of the employees or the business benefits of a more connected workplace, educating, empowering, and catalyzing more proactive connections between employees will create the workplace of the future, that employees want to be part of.

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The GenWell Project is now delivering professional services to support workplaces across Canada. The GenWell Workplace Social Health Framework is a sustainable corporate program that builds proactive opportunities for employees to build healthier connection habits and invest in the growth and knowledge of employees at the same time. The program is rooted in our key pillars of education, empowerment, and catalyzing, and can work in and within any size of business.
The benefits of the program include:
  • improved health and happiness for employees
  • greater collaboration and enhanced creativity
  • improved trust, loyalty, engagement, and retention
  • a greater sense of empathy, compassion and inclusion between employees
  • a psychologically safer workplace resulting in improvements in productivity and profitability
  • reduced health care costs

Wondering if your organization need to focus on building a more connected workplace? Here are a few questions to ask yourself …

  •  Has employee turnover has increased during the global pandemic: Y/N?
  • Are your employees are having difficulties managing the complexities of working from home: Y/N?
  • Does your management team feel over worked and stressed: Y/N?
  • Are you are unclear on how to best build employee support and enthusiasm for a return to office: Y/N?
  • Have your employees have expressed increased levels of stress and anxiety: Y/N?
  • Are you are having difficulty to attracting new talent to your organization: Y/N?

If you answered Yes to two or more of these statements, your organization may have a significant ‘human connection’ opportunity to improve your employees health, happiness and productivity.

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Here’s what people are saying about our workshops:

“Pete’s presentation about the importance of staying connected was exactly what our team needed during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. I believe everyone can benefit from this message right now, whether you are a big business, small business or an individual.”
– UpField North America.
“We had Pete virtually speak to our members and he was fantastic. What he spoke about is so important at the best of times and even more relevant in today’s world. His message is one that should be heard by everyone and put into practice.”
– Andrew Flint – Executive Director – Liberty Village BIA
“In these unprecedented times we’re living in with COVID-19, the GenWell message is all the more important. Pete is one of those people who instantly connects with others – his optimism is amazing, contagious and is so appreciated.”
– Robin Fowler – Vice President, Philanthropy, Strategy & Campaigns – St. Mike’s Hospital Foundation

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