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Heads Up my friend. Building healthy connection habits with others is a great way to help you, and the people around you, stay happy and healthy. We need each other more than ever, so let’s all be Heads Up and part of the solution to a more socially connected world.

The GenWell Project is proud to have partnered with the College Student Alliance to execute a student awareness campaign about student social health. The campaign, called Heads Up, is working to educate and empower students at Colleges and Universities across Canada to be more aware of their social health, and the benefits that come with building stronger social connection habits. This message is more important than ever before, as staying connected with others is more challenging than it has ever been.

As we come out of the global pandemic and students begin to head back to campus, look out for our posters on your campus, our social posts on your campus platforms or maybe a few Heads Up baseball caps walking around, helping catalyze more human connection.

Here is just a sample of what you might see as you get connected…

Poster Series

heads up - stay connected
heads up - stay connected
heads up - it takes a village

Each of our posters is intended to connect with students and remind them about the importance of being Heads Up for one of many reasons.

  1. Heads Up – looking up from our phones is the first step to building new and meaningful connections.
  2. Heads Up – we all need to be more aware of how important our social connections are to our happiness, our health and our well-being.
  3. Heads Up – that you have the power to make a difference in the life of someone else who may not be feeling connected or have a sense of belonging, just by reaching out and connecting.
  4. Heads Up – that we are coming off a global pandemic that saw many of us disconnected from our friends and loved ones for up to 20 months. We have always been in this together, but more so now than ever before we all need to be part of the solution to creating a more connected world.

Sample Social Posts

Are you looking to catalyze more human connection in your life or in the lives of the people around you? How about purchasing a GenWell Heads Up baseball cap. Our baseball cap can be the icebreaker that helps break down barriers as you’ll recognize that anyone wearing one understands the need, desire and benefit of greater human connection.

Heads Up baseball cap - Genwell
Heads Up baseball cap (tag) - Genwell

If you are interested in learning more about the Heads Up campaign for your campus, reach out to us at www.GenWellProject.org and let’s start building healthier connection habits on your campus and for the benefit of the students, professors, administration and community. Stay connected.

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