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School Workshops

The GenWell Project is proud to have spoken and worked with students, classes and professors across North America. Our message resonates quickly with young people today, not just because of the global pandemic, but because of the pace, pressure, and distraction that surrounded them each and every day, long before the global pandemic. Since we have never educated on the role, impact and benefits of human connection as a preventative health message, students are engaged from the first question, to the first step in them starting to build healthy connection habits in their own lives or in the lives of those around them.

Building culture - Genwell

Here is some of the feedback from students, teachers and professors on our workshops, across Canada and the United States:

“My students were transfixed by Pete, his message and the power of human connection.

Jessica Fowler – Professor, Humber College
“Powerful words, powerful speaker and a message we all need to hear.”
Dawn Howells – Duffin’s Creek Parent Association
“During most classes we want a break at the midway point, but you can see we are all still fully engaged in your message and The GenWell Project and there is only 10 minutes left in the class.”
Humber College Student
“Your message really resonated with me, because I see this around me everyday. Do you need volunteers?”
Centennial College Student
“Why aren’t you speaking to people everyday? They need to see you tell this story, not a video of you.”
Humber College Student
“My name is (name withheld) and I am currently a Business student at Carleton university. I recently watched the video you did with Telus Talks and it was great. This semester in our HR class, our course outline is basically all about The GenWell Project, basically how HR managers could incorporate meaningful connections to the workplace. I am reaching out to just say that I think the whole movement is amazing.”
Business Student – Carleton University
“You are certainly having a positive impact on moy class, I never get positive comments like this on a speaker.”
Ruth McKay – Professor, Business Management and Strategy, Carleton University
“I want to express my gratitude to the founder of The GenWell Project …on behalf of University of California – Riverside. On the day of the final project presentation, I could see the transformation of the UCR students and that the project made a significant impact in their professional life. The students communicated that they enjoyed the Effective Performance Course because they could apply the key concepts of the Human Connection Movement with three corporations they worked on. Thank you again for making this an enriching experience for all of us.”
Nidhi Shah – Professor, Human Resource Management and Marketing , University of Southern California – Riverside