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Research and Policy

Canadian Social Connection Survey
In May of 2021, as the global pandemic was coming closer to the end, The GenWell Project and the Social Bubble Project came together to research the social practices of Canadians from coast to coast to coast during the global pandemic. Our hope was to better understand the role that human connection, and a lack there of, played in our individual and collective journeys, and to provide insights that might help Canadians better understand the positive impact of social connection as we exit the pandemic and get back to the new normal.
Disconnect To Reconnect

Prepared and Presented by

Rachel Koski, Angelina Lee, Kristin Harnoth, Margaux Nucup, Caroline Rondeau
This research was conducted for the GenWell Project to bring awareness to the social issues of loneliness and disconnection. The purpose of this report was to better understand how to build stronger and better human connections, inclusive to a marginalized community. Our aim was to help disconnect people from their day to day lives and help them to reconnect with one and other by bringing awareness to a marginalized community and the barriers these people face.