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Connected Conversations

During the global pandemic, The GenWell Project launched our Connected Conversations podcast series which provided us the opportunity to connect with people and ideas that could help all Canadians get through the global pandemic in the best way possible. Check out our series of interviews below and see how the topics may be of help to you, as we all get to the end of the global pandemic and beyond.

Staying connected at the top during times of crisis and beyond. – Nancy MacKay, Founder and Board Member, MacKay CEO Forums.

Inspiring intergenerational connections in the Nation’s Capital – Christine Franklin, Co-founder of iGenOttwa

Falling in love with public spaces all over again – Amanda O’Rourke, Executive Director of 880 Cities

The role of human connection in recovery from illness and injury. – Michael Coss, Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor.
How tough is it to connect as a new Canadian? – Cathy Warega, Proud New Canadian
Strategies for work transitions during Covid-19 and beyond. – Ni Kalman, Founder of AIP Connect, Executive Search Firm
Connecting with yourself during challenging times. – Karen Hood-Caddy, Personal Coach
Building communities and connection one passion project at a time. – Libby Wildman, Financial Consultant
How are our young handling the turmoil? – Ally Salama, Middle East Mental Health Ambassador
Coping With Grief – Yvonne Heath, Founder of Love Your Life To Death.

Let’s get connected to Habitat For Humanity – Michelle Pereira, VP – Habitat for Humanity, Manitoba –

Why our local parks are more important than ever. – Jodi Lastman, Director, Marketing and Sponsorship at Park People / Amis des parcs –

Couples getting connected during the pandemic – Maureen Brine, Couples therapist, addictions specialist –

Autism Canada and how those on the spectrum benefit from greater human connection – Kelly Bron Johnson, Autism Canada –

How one community recognized the need for greater human connection to address societal issues they faced – Keith Gibson, Supervisor, Family and Community, Strathcona County –

How men need and benefit from greater human connection – Todd Minerson, Country Director of Movember Canada –

Dealing with addiction during Covid-19 and beyond – Maureen Brine, addictions specialist –

How human connection can help us overcome many of the challenges we face in society – Mark Dunn, Personal coach, inspiring leader –

Teaching Awareness Through Puppetry and human connection – Rindy Bradshaw and Lily Park, TAPS –

How creative outlets like cooking helped us through Covid-19 – Chef Massimo Bruno –

How NABS Canada is supporting the ad, marketing and media industry through Covid-19 – Jay Bertram, Executive Director, NABS Canada –

How our youth are coping with Covid-19 – Jesse Hayman, V.P. –

Building a more empathetic and compassionate world – Darren Moskovitch, Former Canadian Olympic Figure Skater –

How can clowning around help us through the global pandemic – Doo Doo The Clown –

How human connection helps us on the cancer journey – Terri Wingham, Founder, A Fresh Chapter –

Inspiring the world one skateboard at a time – Betty Esparenza, Founder, Skateboards For Hope –

Connecting seniors with skills and getting them connected – Jaya Manjunath, Co-Founder, Seniors with Skills –

Maybe we all need to Ask Deep Questions – Jan Keck, Founder, Ask Deep Questions –

Self awareness, self care and staying connected during Covid-19 – Mark Henick, Mental Health Media – Creator –

Meet our incredible summer intern! – Mubashira Farooqui –

Where do our communities go from here – Paul Born, Co-CEO Tamarack Institute –

How are our children and families coping with Covid-19 – Susan Chamberlain, Executive Director, The George Hull Centre –

How are small business owners coping with Covid-19 and building stronger communities – Julie Mitchell, Owner, Torq Ride –