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Connection Resources

Ideas to Get Connected

The GenWell Project is a Global Human Connection Movement that aspires to build a more connected world for the benefit of all. From health and wellness, to greater empathy and compassion for one another, to improved business results and stronger communities, we all benefit from greater human connection. 

In this section, we provide you a list of ideas that people can activate against on the next GenWell Weekend or at anytime, to start building healthier connection. habits with family, friends, neighbours, classmates or colleagues. Of course, there are too many ideas to list here, but the key is that you take action, whether it’s a coffee with a friend or neighbour, or you feel like something larger on your street, at the office or in your community. Whatever it is, HAVE FUN!


On GenWell Weekends and throughout the school year The GenWell Project wants to be the catalyst that inspires students to reach out to one another and get connected. Getting an education is no easy feat and having friends and classmates to support you along the way can make a world of a difference! Maybe the next GenWell Weekend is the perfect excuse to invite the classmates that you have been meaning to see, to one of the activities that we have suggested below! Even better, get started today in building healthier connection habits and use GenWell Weekend to bring new friends and classmates together!

  • Work with a on campus club to host a gathering around their specific passion.

  • Get together with your classmates to watch the big game!
  • Gather with friends and catch a movie.
  • Picnic in a park with your whole class.
  • Visit a local restaurant with your classmates.
  • Make plans to volunteer for a local charity on campus or off.
  • Make the effort to sit beside someone you have never met in class this week.
  • Start a study chat / Facebook group for your class
  • A great chat at a local coffee shop with friends
  • Host a GenWell Project in one of the campus bars

Families With Kids

GenWell Projects are as much for kids and maybe even more important, especially after the global pandemic. Modelling good behaviors for kids today and explaining why face-to-face social connections are so important, is an important part of being a parent. Have the kids power down and power up the fun with family, friends, neighbours or their classmates. Getting kids active is a great way to get them to put the technology down and create their own human highlight reel, instead of watching others on social media.
  • Ball hockey

  • Basketball games

  • Baseball game

  • Soccer game
  • Football game
  • Go-karting races on your street (if legal) or in a parking lot (please be careful)
  • Board games
  • Tag
  • Arts and crafts
  • Grow a garden
  • Head to a playground
  • Baking
  • Go for a nature walk
  • Pick local fruit
  • Did someone say sprinkler?


The workplace is about to undergo massive disruption on the other side of the global pandemic. It is more critical right now that businesses find ways to keep their employees connected, to support the work of the business, but also to support the health and well-being of the employees. A reactionary approach to employee well-being is a thing of the past, and the need and opportunity is to proactively connect your employees so they can build the resilience that will support them through work challenges and challenges outside of work.

Here are a few ideas on how you can start building more connected workplaces starting today, but if you are interested in knowing more, reach out to us at The GenWell Project, and we would be happy to work with you to build healthier connection habits for you and everyone in your workplace.

  • CEO Coffee Chats
  • Random lunch dates
  • Gratitude circles
  • Pizza lunch
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Reunion Event
  • End of day eats and treats
  • Sporting activity
  • Pub night
  • Mini Fun Olympics
  • Board Game Competition
  • Karaoke/Live Karaoke
  • Trivia nights
  • Activities to improve mental health
  • Activities to improve physical health
  • And many, many more.

Living in a Condo or Apartment Building

With increasing density being a growing issue for cities around the world, hosting your own GenWell Project in condos and apartment buildings can be a great way to build new connections with neighbours and new friends. Remember, you don’t need to tackle the whole building at once. Start with your neighbour or maybe those on your floor. The rest is gravy! Now you can wake up looking forward to the walk to the elevator each morning! Here are some ideas to get you started.
  • Coffee with a neighbour
  • Hallway dinner
  • Party room lunch or dinner
  • Card night/board game
  • Dinner course tour from apartment to apartment
  • Rooftop soiree at night
  • Lobby social
  • Morning walk or hike
  • Wine and cheese
  • Owner/tenant speaker series
  • Potluck
  • Dog walk group
  • Coffee chat hour


Whether it is family, friends or neighbours, power up your community by hosting your own GenWell Project. Make a few calls, send an email or knock on a few doors – whatever it takes to get people connecting face-to-face. We thought we would share a few suggestions just to get your mind started on what you can do to host your own GenWell Project. Don’t forget, size doesn’t matter and this should be fun! Start small and let the energy of those who join you inspire bigger events in the future! Don’t forget to use some of the tools we have to help you make the initial outreach – here.
  • Coffee with a neighbour
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Front yard BBQ
  • Catch the game
  • Wine and Cheese
  • Corn Roast
  • Street party
  • Street potluck
  • Front porch chat
  • Picnic in the park

Tools for Educators

Educating young people about the importance of social health to their overall well-being provides an early foundation for them to incorporate into their daily actions and activities. The distractions and pressures on young people today are far greater than they were just a few short decades a go, and the time is now for us all to play a greater role in helping them, and all of us, stay more socially connected.

We hope to be able to provide additional tools and information for all educators, so we can support you in your efforts to quickly engage and empower our youth to be more conscious and intentional about their social connections and their social health.

The GenWell Project In-Class Activity Program

The GenWell Project wants to support educators in their efforts to raise awareness about this important health issue with our young. This downloadable outline will help connect the topic to the school curriculum around wellness, provide some facts and figures around social health and has a few suggestions for follow up activities that can be activated with a class.

We hope you find these tools helpful and we would be interested in any feedback on how we can improve them as we continue to build GenWell programming for our young students across Canada. Together we can make the world a happier and healthier place one face to face conversation at a time.

Classroom Tools – Grade 7-12

GenWell Project 7-12

Face-to-face Challenge Tracker

Use this template to challenge your students to make the conscious decision to spend more time face to face in the week leading up to GenWell Weekends or anytime during the school year. Manually track the daily time spent face to face and maybe even find a few prizes to give those who make the greatest effort to spend more time face to face.

Face to face Social Connection Challenge