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Often overlooked, especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, seniors can experience high levels of loneliness and isolation. Having experienced loss, moving to a retirement facility or new home, and relying on others for connection, Seniors are susceptible to disconnection and feelings of loneliness. Studies have shown that chronic loneliness can lead to increased health issues, and a higher risk of mortality.

Below, we’ve highlighted a series of articles, videos and other content that we have selected to highlight the ongoing struggle of social isolation, disconnection and loneliness experienced by Seniors. If you have suggestions on other content that you think others would benefit from, please feel free to reach out to us at

Understanding social isolation, loneliness and disconnection with Seniors

  • Signs and the effects of loneliness in Seniors (link)
  • Social isolation, loneliness in older people pose health risks (link)
  • Understanding social isolation in Seniors – The Government of Canada (link)

Helpful Suggestions

  • Look at continuing an existing hobby or finding a new one (link)
  • Think about joining a gym or fitness center to meet people and stay active (link)
  • How to combat loneliness in the elderly (link)
  • Suggest adopting a pet (link)