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GenWell Art – The Human Connection Movement

This beautiful drawing was penned by Toronto artist, John Coburn, an Ambassador for The GenWell Project and greater human connection. The limited-edition print (only 15 left of 20) is numbered and signed by the artist and sized at 19” x13”. A great conversation starter for a home office or workplace and the perfect gift for the person who has helped you stay connected in past.

For all of us, these little reminders of the importance of human connection in our lives can play a key role in helping us build and maintain healthier social connection habits. We hope you will enjoy having this up on your wall.

All proceeds from the sale of these prints go to supporting The GenWell Project and the Human Connection Movement.

Coburn, born in Hamilton and raised in Westdale, is a Canadian artist best known for his pen & ink line drawings & bold oil on canvas paintings. A resident of Toronto, John can often be spotted working on location in big cities around the world capturing ordinary life, interesting people and streetscapes. He has had exhibitions in London, New York, Toronto, Hamilton & Tokyo.