September 1, 2020

The GenWell Project wants your help this September
to make the world a happier and healthier place


The GenWell Project is encouraging people to connect with their ‘bubble’ – be it family, neighbours and colleagues – and share their stories to inspire others. 

TORONTO –  The GenWell Project, the Human Connection Movement wants your help this September to champion the importance of human connection during these challenging, isolated and disconnected times by participating in our #showusyourbubble campaign.

COVID-19 has brought the importance of human connection to the forefront following months of limited in-person social interaction, which has shown us how vital regular connection is in our lives.  Our #showusyourbubble campaign is designed to encourage people to get connected (responsibly and using local COVID-19 protocols) with the people in their social bubble and share those amazing moments as an inspiration for others to do the same.

“Our bubbles are going to become increasingly important to us, whether we go back into a lockdown or simply as a way to face many of the challenges that lay ahead with school, jobs, finances and more,” said GenWell Project founder, Pete Bombaci. “We will all lean on our bubbles more than ever before and investing in them now, while we can, will set us all up for a happier and healthier world moving forward.”

*** Pete Bombaci, founder of The GenWell Project is an expert on the subjects of human connection and the dangers of social isolation and loneliness. He is available for live or
recorded interviews and comments. ***

Just last week researchers from Harvard Medical School have again confirmed one of the many benefits of staying socially connected, stating that social connection is the single largest action we can take to prevent depression. Previous research has also shown that healthy connections can reduce anxiety, increase empathy and compassion, strengthen our immune system and self confidence and increase our chances of living longer. With the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the world, we need each other more than ever and The GenWell Project wants to be the catalyst to remind you of this important information and inspire you to get connected.

A recent poll by Pollara Strategic Insights on behalf of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) shows that 83% of Ontarians “agree the strain on mental health will worsen the longer the outbreak continues” and 77% of Canadians “predict the COVID-19 outbreak will have a long-lasting negative affect on the country,” according to a poll by Glacier Media and Research Co. Regardless of where you live, this data underscores how crucial it is to recognize in anticipation of another potential wave of Covid-19 and for the turbulent times that are ahead as a result of the economic impact of the pandemic, that our bubbles will be a significant part of our support network today, tomorrow and ongoing. Investing the time to celebrate these relationships is a great way to build the resilience that will get us all to the new normal in the best way possible. Our bubbles will also be there for the celebration of the many victories that we experience moving forward.

Human connection transcends all issues, illness, ages, genders, cultures and more. We all benefit from greater human connection in our lives and many of us are not armed with the information that reinforces the need to stay connected, especially during these challenging times. The GenWell Project wants to help inform and serve as a catalyst for Canadians and people around the world to get connected.

Starting today, we are asking people to take a picture with your bubble and, using the hashtag #showusyourbubble, share it on any of The GenWell Project’s social platforms during the month of September. We hope that you will set aside some time over the next few weeks to connect (responsibly) with your bubble and celebrate the effort you have made to stay connected over the past six months. We truly are in this together and our bubbles have played such a key role in helping us through the unique times.

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About The GenWell Project.

Founded in 2016, The GenWell Project is a human connection movement whose mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place by reminding people about the importance of face-to-face social connection and inspiring them to take action and create healthy connection habits ongoing. Join the movement, bring your community together, become a generator of great conversations and connections in your life and in the lives of others.