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Vanessa Toperczer

Sr. Vice President, IMI International

Driven by intention and curiosity, Vanessa’s career to-date has provided her with a 360 view of the Marketing world – spanning Agency, Brand, Not-for-Profit and the Insights sides of the business. Her experience encompasses brand transformation and optimization; growth strategy development; communications strategy and articulation, partnership and sponsorship strategy, team leadership and empowerment, plus entrepreneurial business development and hustle. Vanessa is currently an SVP at IMI International; using insight to help marketers make strong strategic decisions. She is a firm believer in doing what she can to give back by leveraging the experience and resources she has.

Being a natural connector with a keen interest in learning about peoples stories, she believes strongly in the power of connection as a means of enhancing our lives and overall wellbeing…and that “it only takes a moment and a small connection to turnaround someone’s day.”